Additional Information for Belts

Why Hello there!

When it came to measuring the belts listed we tried to keep in mind what practical information is needed.

When we measured the belts circumference based on the fastening to the 1st hole (i.e. it's SMALLEST circumference) and the last hole (i.e. the LARGEST).

If the item is too big you can always consider punching in your own holes (depending on material most will be able to easily adding holes by using a hammer and a small hole punch purchased from some "$2" type shops/hardware stores etc.)


Now we all know that no two items are ever the same and each have different materials.

Keep in mind belts with elastic will have STRETCH so it's an approximate measure.

Most of the belts you will find are one of a kind, retro, seconds, pre loved, upcycled etc so they are unique including any flaws/dents and markings.

Some are brand spanking new!

We have tried our best to represent the items as they are and are sold "as is".

Should you have questions feel free to ask before buying