Mirenesse Power Lift Dermal Firming Face Mask

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Brand new Mirenesse Power Lift Dermal Firming Face Mask

A rejuvenating medical grade cloth mask with Peptide Growth Factors that adheres to the skin deliver active ingredients deeply through a matrix gel complex.

The adhesiveness of the sheet increases over time and effectively helps ingredients absorb quickly .

After application the mask slowly shrinks to firm up and tone the skin and hydrate and lift facial contours

Key Ingredients:
• Apple Stem Cells - Increases The Lifespan + Protects + Boosts Production Of Skins Own Stem Cells
• Epidermal Growth Factor Peptide - The Power Of Regeneration
• Hyaluronate - Skins Own Intensive Moisturiser
• Beta Glucan - Natures Powerful Protection
• Retinol – Increases Collagen In Dermal Matrix
• Collagen – Instant Firming Lifting Effect

Size: 24g

All Mirenesse products are NOT tested on animals

Australian cult brand..... see what the fuss is about